The future of business and IT planning

Like early manufacturing, IT operating models have a high degree of variance today.  The next generation of technology management will strike the balance of intentional architecture with more emergent design and innovation.  Smaller batch sizes, automated delivery, and structured feedback loops are rapidly improving the throughput “inside the IT plant” in similar patterns across large global enterprises.

“The impression that ‘our problems are different’ is a common disease that afflicts management the world over.  They are different, to be sure, but the principles that will help to improve the quality of product and service are universal in nature.”  -Deming

We are now seeing the beginning of the next problem pattern where current back of the envelope planning techniques, cycles, and tools are too slow.  However, shooting from the hip will be untenable in a connected world without some spectacular consequences.  Over the next few years:  IT operating models, underpinning data standards, and IT management software will respond to address these problems.  New forms of planning transformational digital landscapes as well as increasing scrutiny to optimize legacy IT portfolios are starting to be seen.

This next way of interaction with business strategic priorities is the focus of Digital IT Runway.